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Welcome to Step N Time chimney sweeping and maintenance service for Edinburgh, the Lothians, Borders and Fife. We provide every service you need for your chimney, flue and fireplace: sweeping, repairs, advice, maintenance, stove installation - anything short of building a chimney from scratch!

We offer a no-mess guarantee.


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Chimneys can get blocked up with soot, creosote or even birds' nests, so it is vital that they are swept regularly. This benefits you in many ways: it is safer, as a clean chimney has a lower risk of going on fire; it is healthier, as combustion gases can freely escape through the chimney; it is economical, as your fuel burns more efficiently in a clean chimney; it is greener, as efficient burning emits less smoke into the environment.


How often your chimney need swept varies depending on your fuel type. The table below provides an approximate guide:

Fuel Recommended cleaning
Wood Twice a year when in use
Bituminous Coal Twice a year
Smokless Coals Once a year
Oil Once a year
Gas Once a year


Our prices start at £65 for a standard sweep, and we are happy to negotiate a price for more than one chimney.


We also carry out all chimney maintenance and repair work. Call us today to discuss your problem and get a quote!

Owl on a chimney stack. © Gerald England

Our services are fully insured.

Step N Time is registered member no. 0547 of the Institute of Chimney Sweeps